This Winter, Improve Soil Health (and Your Life) With Bale Grazing

Bale grazing is a good tool for improving soil health while reducing costs. This 4:49 minute video from the Natural Resources Conservation Service gives some great tips for setting bales, managing cattle, and getting good results. As you’ll see, the farmers and ranchers using it have found it to be very beneficial to their soils, pastures, cattle and their bottom line.


If this raises questions for you, like “What’s the best time to place bales?” “What’s the best placement pattern?” and how should I manage my livestock as they bale graze?” you’re not alone. For help setting up your bale grazing system, check in with your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office. (Find yours here!)

And if you’ve got answers to these questions for your fellow On Pasture Community members, please do share in the comments below!

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