August 6, 2019

Western Kentucky Summer Forage Tour: Reviving a Rundown Farm

Farm and Tour Description: When Bub and Lakayah Daugherty purchased D&D Farm in 2013, they set a goal to raise cattle and be profitable. Bub wanted to break the mold and raise cattle differently than the way most in the area had been doing for several generations. Technology and ideas on how to graze cattle […]

January 11, 2016

Crabgrass is Good Forage

Improved forage crabgrass varieties are not weeds, but high-quality, high-producing forages that fit well from the Mid-Atlantic region through the Southeast. With good fertility and moisture conditions, crabgrass forage can yield 3-5 tons of dry matter. As a low-growing summer annual crop, crabgrass maintains quality over the course of its rapid growth – unlike many […]

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