June 22, 2020

How to Turn Wooded Sites into Silvopastures (Pastures With Trees!)

Lately folks have been asking for input on how to create pasture from overgrown wood/brush areas. From June of 2017, Brett Chedzoy has your recipe for success. Throughout most humid regions of the US, the landscape is dotted with old farm fields and pastures that today grow trees and shrubs.  In some cases, there are […]

June 22, 2020

Harnessing Cow Power to Rejuvenate Forages

Thanks to the Beef Cattle Research Council for this great article! As forage stands age, plant species composition shifts and production declines over time. There are many different methods of rejuvenating or renovating forage stands and strategies vary in intensity, effectiveness, and cost. Breaking old stands and re-seeding forages, while effective, is among the most […]

March 16, 2020

Linger Grazing- Brussels, Ontario

Gearing up for another great Grazing Meeting. This years topic is Linger Grazing with Troy Bishopp, The Grass Whisperer! Troy is a well seasoned Grass Farmer from New York and a conservation professional at Madison County. The meeting will be held March 16, 2020 at BM&G Community Centre in Brussels, Ontario.  Hosted by Brussels Agri […]

July 9, 2019

Improving Pastures Field Day

The Improving Pastures Program: http://ncsoilwater.org/programs/improving-pasture-management/   This event will highlight best management practices and pasture evaluation tools. Register by calling 336.703.2850 or visiting http://go.NCSU.edu/2019PastureFieldDay The program’s purpose is to improve pasture management on private lands so that pastures are more resilient to future environmental challenges. In addition to local soil and water conservation districts, project supporters […]

March 14, 2016

Growing Warm Season Annuals for Lambs

While Sarah focuses on forage for lambs, these are good planting and growing tips that work no matter your livestock.

August 3, 2015

Overgrazing for Pasture Renovation

Overgrazing and high pasture productivity don’t often go hand in hand– unless you’re getting ready to interseed. If done correctly, a simple no-till pasture renovation can be more economical than tillage or conventional establishment. Before no-till seeding into your pasture, it’s best to prepare ahead of time by getting the competition from the existing stand […]

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