June 24, 2022

14th Annual South Poll Field Day and Cattle Auction

14th Annual 2022 SOUTH POLL FIELD DAY and Cattle Auction TWO DAY EVENT! June 24-25, 2022 Keynote Speakers: Cooper Hurst and Becky Szarzynski Pasture Walk! Breakout Sessions! Connect and network with fellow farmers! Great local food! Early Registration is ONLY $50  for this 2 day event- before June 1! Register at   https://southpollgrasscattle.regfox.com/2022-south-poll-grass-cattle-association-14th-annual-field-day-auction

June 21, 2019

11th Annual South Poll Grass Cattle Field Day and Cattle Auction

Join us on June 21-22, 2019 at Mountain Glen Farm to learn about the South Poll Grass Cattle breed,  get inspired by world renown Joel Salatin and his farming aficionado son Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm, take a pasture walk with grazing guru Greg Judy, feast upon locally raised 100% grass-fed beef cooked to perfection […]

June 15, 2019

Greg Judy at Heifer Ranch

About: Join Heifer USA and special guest, Greg Judy, at Heifer Ranch for a very special workshop focused on regenerative livestock management techniques! Cost: $75 (one-day pass) $150-$200 (two-day pass) What’s Included: One-Day Pass (6/15): Session 1: Setting up a profitable grazing operation from scratch Ranch-Raised Lunch Session 2: Grass Finished Livestock Pasture Walk 1 Two-Day Pass (6/15 & 6/16): All […]

August 19, 2013

A Summer Visit to Greg and Jan Judy’s Green Pastures Farm

Greg Judy is known for innovative farming and for sharing how he used leased land and mob grazing to go from barely making it to being able to retire early from his in-town job and be a successful, full-time farmer. He sent us these videos of what’s happening in one of his Eastern Gramma grass pastures, why he and Jan choose South Poll Cattle, and then gives us a quick look at his pastured pigs.

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