In 2004, Kathy Voth began developing a method to teach cows to eat weeds. Her first attempt was with a small herd at Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site in Deer Lodge, Montana. She taught them to eat Canada thistle, Leafy spurge and Spotted knapweed. Since then she’s trained over 1,000 cattle, some sheep, goats and a herd of Ted Turner’s bison to eat most of our most problematic weeds. Here are links to On Pasture articles and to Kathy’s Youtube channel to give you the information you need to teach your cows to eat weeds. She’ll be updating these in coming months, and will be sharing bonus materials with paid subscribers to help them get started training their own livestock to eat weeds. Enjoy!

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In our Premium Content section we’ve got three ebooks for you. There’s a “Recipe” for teaching cows to eat Canada thistle that you can use to teach your livestock to eat any edible weed. There’s also an ebook with information on all the most commonly targeted weeds and whether or not they’re edible. Finally, there’s a technical note on how to manage your livestock to meet your weed management goals. Premium Content is a service for paid subscribers. You can also purchase the ebooks individually if you’re not ready to subscribe.


On Pasture Articles

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