Applied Grazing Management

Dallas Mount Grazing BasicsWe’d like to meet up with all our readers and go for a nice pasture walk to talk about grazing management. (Here’s the link to last week’s video.) Unfortunately we’re all spread across the planet, and given everyone’s location and work schedule, it’s hard to coordinate. Instead, we’ll do it by video.

Last week we showed you the three principles of good grazing, managing frequency, and intensity, and providing opportunity for forage growth. In this week’s video, Dallas Mount shows us how he used those principles in pasture. Like any grazier, there are few places where things didn’t go quite right, so he’ll show you those too, with some suggestions for what he’d do differently next time.

Again, though this features a Wyoming pasture, the principles of plant growth are the same no matter where you live. Regrowth depends on the timing and quantity of moisture, which is something graziers are always adjusting for. If you’re already rotationally grazing you might find some pointers. If you’re not, it might help you think about how it could work for you in your operation.


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