The butterfly effect of losing GLCI funding: No more pasture walks?

Priorities are how anything gets done. This story is about politics and budgets, but really and truly, it is about priorities. It all began back in 1996, when the Farm Bill set up the Grazing Land

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2 thoughts on “The butterfly effect of losing GLCI funding: No more pasture walks?

  1. Grazing lands should be viewed as the most important land type, not the least. In my experience, the best NRCS projects are usually associated with GLCI. For instance, the Colorado GLCI recently sponsored the Society for Range Management’s “Strategic Grazing Management for Complex Adaptive Systems” symposium and tour, deepening the understanding of grazing ecology and management for a broad audience… including all of the NRCS rangeland management specialists in Colorado. I also work in Montana, which has had a very active GLCI program. As a former NRCS rangeland management specialist and rancher, I say we need GLCI and similar management-oriented programs, more than we need gadgets, infrastructure, and other band-aids, let alone subsidies, from the USDA.


    Matt Barnes, CPRM
    Owner & Rangeland Consultant, Shining Horizons Land Management
    Field Director for Rangeland Stewardship, Keystone Conservation

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