Eau de Soil = The Sweet Smell of Success

We shared some tips on how to take the drudgery out of soil sampling, but maybe you want something even easier. How about smelling your soil? Here Ray Archuleta and Jon Sitka of the Natural Resources Conservation Service describe how you can get some information on your soil’s health just by sniffing in this episode of “Soil Health In A Minute.”

One thought on “Eau de Soil = The Sweet Smell of Success

  1. Kathy,

    Great new publication! I like the soil quality part at this time. Every article is helpful. We met a couple of years ago at the Nebraska Grazing Conference where you were a presenter.

    I had hoped to train a group of heifers to eat musk thistle this summer, but they were sold off because of the drought last summer and anticipated again this year of 2013.

    Keep up your good work. I appreciate your work and leadership.

    Rich Bringelson

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