Cursed by the Ditch Witch

It has taken me an entire year to settle down after the ditch witch drove me to a major meltdown over the destruction of some fine functioning sod.  When you mess with a pen-wielding, picture-taking, grass farmer and his prairie family, there will be consequences.  The pent up frustration over this “dumb and dumber” sequel has been sequestered for fear of repercussions against the landowner I do business with, the fencing system, or the grazing animals, by a slighted highway department. Since I no longer lease this grass farm and Gradall Fever season is upon us, I figured it’s time to open the can of worms in hopes that common sense may prevail somewhere else in the watershed for the good of water quality and save some money.  I preface my story by the fact that this is not an isolated incident in ditch maintenance around where I live whether it is town, county or state.  There seems to be a mentality of digging deeper and steeper with little regard for soil loss that will erode worse than before without as much as a check dam to slow the water down.  But hey, I guess that’s job security! In six years managing this 200 acre property with two very conservation-minded landowners we built perimeter and subdivision fences around a planned grazing system, installed an NRCS-EQIP funded water system to all the paddocks and grazed over 500 head of custom grazed grass-finished cattle worthy of New York City Chefs.  The farm fields are divided by a town road that dead

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