The Grass Whispering Journal or WWGWD? (What Would the Grass Whisperer Do?)

April 1, 2013 It’s spring in New York and you never know what the weather is going to hand you.  Blink and the weather changes. Going forward, I'll share my thoughts and decisions through the grazing season so you can see the the planning and implementation process unfold. Already on my grazing chart is our last frost date, October 10th, our stockpile date August 10th, our wedding anniversary date, July 19th, when I turn “50”~June 22nd, a wine trip in May and our team “Braveheart” participating in the Daniel Barden Mud Run on April 13th.  Oh yea, the 73 heifers will start (fingers crossed) grazing somewhere around April 20th.  You will start to see that animal production needs to correspond to our life goals too as well as environmental.  Farmers, the menfolk, seem to forget this.  I mean really how long does it take to move a fence and then go kayaking? Or sip on a nice NYS Riesling? April 26, 2013 The heifers are officially grazing, six days late from goal.  Fay Benson from Cornell Extension helped me figure out how much d

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