Plan for Success

Readers, you will be the first to point out, “Rose, this is so basic!”  It may be basic but this is precisely why we should talk about it.  Sometimes the fundamentals are easy to forget. Goal setting and planning are a journey, and they are tools.  If you use them effectively, they can help you navigate the hustle and bustle of everyday life while keeping an eye on your end goal; create a path to get there that is rewarding and meaningful to you; pull you out when you get stuck in a rut, feel trapped, or find yourself going through the motions; and remind you of what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Take away point #1 Having goals and a plan help you remain focused.  Example:   I am working with a vegetable farmer.  The farmer has been farming his whole life.  He is well-known and well regarded in the agricultural community.  The past four years, however, he admitted he hasn’t been making any money.  He is continuing to do the same motions day in and day out, but the income just isn’t there anymore.  He is financially and emotionally at a breaking point.  Taking a minute to breathe, step back, and assess ways to improve his situation can help him refocus, remember why he started farming in the

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