Are Farmers Markets A Return to the “Good Old Days?”

Last Saturday, at our local farmers market, I met a man selling bread and pastries.  He told me that his Denver bakery has no store front and only sells at farmers markets, craft fairs and festivals ranging from Fort Collins in the north to Colorado Springs in the South - a drive of an hour and a half either direction.  It's his bakery's solution to getting the best prices possible by selling direct to the consumer.  That's the same reason that farmers and ranchers sell their products at Farmers Markets, and have created CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and Co-ops.  These sales outlets cut out  the middle man and are supposed to help farmers and ranchers take home more of the profit. This direct-to-consumer marketing has been applauded by "Buy Local" movements and is seen as a return to the way things were done in the past before "industrial agriculture" took over.  But, according to author and farmer Bob Comis, the idea that we're returning to the past is

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