Paddock Grazing Periods – Setting Up an Intensive Grazing System That Works

The Pasture Jitterbug Last week we talked about the pasture recovery or rest period – the framework underlying a well-built irrigated grazing system. We likened it to the dance hall because it gives us some important boundaries in which to implement our grazing system. You don’t want to two step outside the dance hall. It’s dark out there and you may lose your partner! Similarly, once you define your pasture rest period, don’t wander away from it! We spoke last time about all the good things that come with a 30 to 35-day rest period. Check them out now if you are just tuning in.  Once you have elected a 30 to 35-day recovery period, by all means maintain it. That may mean an out pasture or feeding some supplemental hay for a day or two, but it’s worth it. Remember, don’t lose that partner; it always pays to stay inside the dance hall! If the rest period is the dance hall, the paddock grazing period is the dance. The tempo of that dance – one day to four days – is up to you. How many days you choose to stay in a paddock portrays the gaiety out there. Never dance before? Maybe you’ll want to try paddock grazing periods of four days. Want the best experience? Give one day a go. Let’s take a look at what differing paddock grazing periods have to offer. Stalking a Higher Stocking Rate Paddock grazing periods give other p

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