Worm Dancing

I’ve heard writers talk about finding inspiration at the weirdest times or places. I’ve also heard from menfolk, fifty and older, about suffering from insomnia. As a testament to both conditions, its 2:30am Sunday morning with a steady rain pitter-pattering outside my window and I’m tossing and turning thinking about, of all things, worm dances! In the midst of the sheet flinging, hot flashes and recanting Saturday’s compost spreading, I rustled my wife’s slumber asking, “Whadaya think the worms are dancing to?” “You're weird,” resonated from across the pillow. A few moments passed (with us both now thinking about this question) and then she sleepily contributed, “How about the Cupid Shuffle?” As the lyrics, “To the right, to the right, to the left, to the left," danced in my limbs and mind it was time to get up and capture the magic of this latest inspiration. I have to admit this has been on my mind since I fired up the ole’ 7006 model Deutz tractor and rental spreader up at daybreak yesterday and started hauling the 6 month old composted manure from our outside feeding area to paddocks 14 and 18. It’s just amazing to see how the decomposers can take a mass of bedding pack and reduce it to a quarter of its size while stabilizing the nutrients and smell. Since our Bobcat tractor loaded this earthy, worm food with relative ease, there was plenty of time for the mind to wander while delivering a track of fertility on the recently graz

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