So Ya Got a Blank Grazing Chart. Now What?

This question is certainly a good one because it’s the same one I pondered after receiving a free 12”x24” Holistic Management International ™ grazing plan & control chart back in 2010 at an Ian-Mitchell Innes workshop.  Being a simple kind of man, I approached all the columns, grazing management and animal performance targets with plenty of trepidation. Not to piss in the Wheaties of Allan Savory or Sam Bingham, I just wasn’t ready, or stubborn, or didn’t have enough training in how I should use this awesome tool as it was laid out for my farm.  So I did what most red-blooded, independent farmers would do - - - I adapted it to my own situation.  Funny thing was, many of my Northeast grazing friends were thinking and doing the same thing.  So we put together a NESARE (Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) Professional Development Project called "Utilizing Holistic Planned Grazing as a Regenerative Engine for Sustainable Agriculture.” As professionals and farmers we were seeing the weak link of real, practical, in-your-face grazing management planning and monitoring tools, so we (Phillip Metzger, Kim Totten, Nancy Glazier, Jenn Colby, Jim Weaver, our Madison County Graziers Group and I) came up with a larger barn/office chart patterned after what I saw at Greg & Jan Judy’s Farm.  What we asked most often of our customers was what will you actually use?   The answer, "Something simple. . ." [caption id="attachment_5051"

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One thought on “So Ya Got a Blank Grazing Chart. Now What?

  1. Thank you. Your smallest chart will be very helpful, I think, even for us SOUTHERN grass farmers. While I will do it myself here soon, it would be nice to be able to download this chart in Excel or a generic spreadsheet software so it can be further modified. I do appreciate you putting this simpler chart together and look forward to learning how to use it!

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