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ATTRA’s Extended Cow Calf Calculator

I’ve always admired Missouri. While the rest of us are still scratching our heads over some great grazing dissertation, folks from the Show Me State are already out there stringing up polywire and moving cattle.

We decided to take a page from their book, so to speak, and show you how to navigate ATTRA’s Extended Cow Calf Calculator. We think the calculator is pretty easy to use, but who doesn’t learn faster by watching someone else complete a task before trying our own hand at it?  So we at NCAT created this short video describing how to use the calculator. The calculator is designed to make your life easier as an irrigated grazier. Nonirrigated folks can use it too, as long as they mind the rules. All you have to do is enter what, when, and where – ATTRA’s Extended Cow Calf Calculator does the rest!

Click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet based calculator

Use the calculator to keep track of your pasture rest periods. It will do so on a weekly basis. As I described in my On Pasture series of articles, successful multi-paddock grazing all boils down to maintaining adequate pasture rest. If you nurture your grass, she will return the favor tenfold.

It’s very easy for all of us to lose sight of how our pastures are performing amid the constant moving of cattle all season long. ATTRA’s Extended Cow Calf Calculator will keep things in perspective for you. Give it a try. We think you will be pleased!

Here is the direct link to the demonstration video.

ATTRA’s Extended Cow Calf Calculator itself is available on ATTRA’s website at

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