Veal Part 3: Let the Fun Begin! Handling, Care and Feeding

Missed the first two in the series?  Here they are:  Veal Part 1, Veal Part 2 Now that your calves are safe and sound at your facility from their initial transport from the dairy where they were

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One thought on “Veal Part 3: Let the Fun Begin! Handling, Care and Feeding

  1. Really excellent series. Sandra, I spent some time looking through your website and would love, as you have time, an article on how you manage multiple species. This is a challenge for us with a small dairy herd (for us, cows), associated calves & steers, sheep, and various poultry. The challenge is to keep to as few management groups as possible to maximize forage and minimize purchased feed & labor. I’m curious how you and others are doing it.

    Also, I see you working with netting in taller fences. Are you using “hard” paddocks for the goat herd or moving them with net or a combination?

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