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Kale, Kale Everywhere, But Only Cheetos To Eat

By   /  January 27, 2014  /  2 Comments

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A whole room made of cheetos! Is this where we’re headed?! (An art piece by Sandy Skoglund) Tw
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Publisher, Editor and Author

Kathy worked with the Bureau of Land Management for 12 years before founding Livestock for Landscapes in 2004. Her twelve years at the agency allowed her to pursue her goal of helping communities find ways to live profitably AND sustainably in their environment. She has been researching and working with livestock as a land management tool for over a decade. When she's not helping farmers, ranchers and land managers on-site, she writes articles, and books, and edits videos to help others turn their livestock into landscape managers.


  1. Carol says:

    It is hard to make good quality meals a priority but if one doesn’t then the health declines. I find that it doesn’t take much more time to fix a quick meal than the fast food and it keeps me going that much longer.

    Meal planning for a week or a month with the understanding that life happens and have some quick ready to go meals.

    Do the prep beforehand. A friend of mine just did a bunch of freezer meals where she cut up and froze meals in bags that she could then just thaw and put in her crockpot and voila there would be dinner.

  2. Dave Scott says:

    Kathy, I really liked your article on food farmers eat. This is why I value so much my wife’s role in our family. Raising, preserving and preparing good food is every bit as important as raising crops and livestock and an outside job to pay the taxes, medical bills, and other adornments of life as we know it. Period.

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