Kale, Kale Everywhere, But Only Cheetos To Eat

Two recent articles, one with the title above in the Atlantic and another from Modern Farmer (Why Many Farmers Eat Like Crap) have us wondering:  "What's your daily diet, and while you're raising all this great food for others to eat, are you eating your share of it?" The articles point out that, like many busy, hard-working people in the U.S., farmers have so much to do that they often don't have time to stop and prepare a great meal, even though they have access to great ingredients.  Interviewed farmers said that planting and harvest seasons can mean 12 to 16 hour days so if they take time to cook, it usually comes out of the time they would have spent sleeping.  Those selling their products via CSAs or at farmers markets may end up snacking on junk food as they drive from home to distribution points, simply because they have no time to stop and eat.  One farmer noted that summer is the most unhealthy time for his family, as they survive on pizza. The Modern Farmer article pointed out that farmer's who are still eating well are the families where one member's "job" is to supply meals.  These families look more like historic farm families where men spent the day working in the fields and pastures while women and children took on the tasks of tending gardens, preparing meals and canning and storing

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2 thoughts on “Kale, Kale Everywhere, But Only Cheetos To Eat

  1. It is hard to make good quality meals a priority but if one doesn’t then the health declines. I find that it doesn’t take much more time to fix a quick meal than the fast food and it keeps me going that much longer.

    Meal planning for a week or a month with the understanding that life happens and have some quick ready to go meals.

    Do the prep beforehand. A friend of mine just did a bunch of freezer meals where she cut up and froze meals in bags that she could then just thaw and put in her crockpot and voila there would be dinner.

  2. Kathy, I really liked your article on food farmers eat. This is why I value so much my wife’s role in our family. Raising, preserving and preparing good food is every bit as important as raising crops and livestock and an outside job to pay the taxes, medical bills, and other adornments of life as we know it. Period.

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