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Got Shade? Grow Shiitakes!

By   /  February 3, 2014  /  Comments Off on Got Shade? Grow Shiitakes!

Plenty of graziers have forested lands that they may graze to some degree. But there are other ways that you can get more out of those spaces. Here’s one idea.

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Click here to download your free copy.  It's 56 pages long, so give it some time.

Click here to download your free copy. It’s 56 pages long, so give it some time.

Diversity is where it’s at. In the 90’s, college campuses were all about diversity.  Now we are more aware of biodiversity and diversity of income streams. If you have forested land, a local market, and the inclination, there’s a potential revenue stream for you – shiitake mushrooms. We like them for cooking, and the fun to be had in saying their name.

Ben Waterman and a team of mushroom mavens have put together a comprehensive source of information about shiitake mushroom production that will knock your socks off. Granted, the title says it’s for the northeast, but it’s so chock full of cool pictures – and another reason to have a power drill – that you might want to try it if you live anywhere with shade and logs available.

Another reason this is a very cool resource for farmers and backyard farmers alike – each step outlines the costs and time involved. It’s a great way to look at developing a new enterprise, even if you aren’t a fungi fan.

So tighten your shoelaces, and check it out…the publication, or an introductory webinar…or both!

arboyIntroduction to Log-Grown Shiitake Mushroom Production

February 20, 2014
Free, webinar presented by the Center for Sustainable Agriculture’s Ben Waterman, mushroom grower and coordinator for the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education funded project, “Cultivation of shiitake mushrooms as an agroforesty crop for New England.”

CONTACT:  If you require accommodations to participate in a webinar, please contact Jessie Schmidt at least seven days before the webinar you want to participate in, so we may assist you. Call 802-223-2389 or 1-866-860-1382 (toll-free in VT) or email jessie.schmidt@uvm.edu


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