Portable Panels for Inexpensive Livestock Handling

My very first ranch job was for a crusty old cowboy named Jack who made us haul corral panels from ranch to ranch, setting up catch-pens and sorting & branding  arenas, breaking them down and stowing them away when they weren’t in use. Upon questioning him as to what appeared to be tedious work, he responded, “These ranches are leased and I’m not building something on someone else’s land or paying for the same thing over and over.” His words echoed in my ears for many years, especially after I purchased my own farm. Although his philosophy was about using the same equipment for multiple locations, I’ve taken his advice a step further and applied it to different species as well. Equipment for handling livestock doesn’t  have to be expensive. Contrary to what you may believe, a fancy squeeze chute with an automatic headgate is completely unnecessary, particularly for someone with only several head. Even for larger operations, a simple swing chute built from a pair of 10’ corral panels, lengths of chain and interlocking spring snaps will do the job. Best of all, this infrastructure is one hundred percent portable and can be utilized for other purposes, including a corner catch pen, loading chute, and milking stanchion.  For anyone just getting started with livestock, especially cattle, this is the best money you will ever spend.  Plus, that fancy (and expensive) squeeze chute will only work on a particular size of a single species where as corral panels

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