Are You Kidding?

Here’s a Kickstarter project your On Pasture editors are interested in, so we thought we’d share it with you too.  “Are You Kidding” is a book and a stuffed toy dreamed up by Steph Alloso in response to her curious daughter’s questions about where babies come from, and inspired by the goats at their small farm in Bmidji, Minnesota.  The book and the toy gently help kids learn about the process of birth and then how kids are raised and what we do with goat milk.

“Margo the stuffed goat gives birth to her kids the same way Margo the real goat gave birth to her kids,” says Steph Alloso in her Kickstarter video.  The book is an easy reader for young children illustrated by 6-year-old Vivi Alloso, for which Vivi won the PBS National Book Contest.  In fact, you can see a video of the book’s illustrations with the whole family providing the voices for the animals at their Kickstarter project site.

Margo the stuffed goat has kids

What’s the Kickstarter project?  Well, the Alloso’s would like to produce the stuffed toy and the book, but to do that they need start up funds.  You can learn more about the project here, and if you like you can even support them by donating to the project.  You can choose your level of support based on the rewards available.  I’m thinking about the $35 level which will get me a stuffed goat and the book.  Kickstarter is an “All or Nothing” crowd-funding venue.  So if they don’t get the full amount for their project, they get nothing and backers are not charged.  So if you’re interested, head on over and sign up to get kidding!


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