What Should I Do About My Pasture Weeds?

This is an example of the progress trained heifers made on reducing leafy spurge in pasture at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site in

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3 thoughts on “What Should I Do About My Pasture Weeds?

  1. You Can Teach 25 Cows to Eat Weeds in 8 Hours Over 7 Days For Less Than $100
    but It turns out that it takes 10 years of data before farmers and ranchers will consider something new, and then another 10 years after that until the practice is common. Have they no sense of curiousity? or adventure? no courage? no common sense? *sigh* God help us…

    1. I prefer to think that it’s just animal/human behavior. Change is hard, new things are risky, and we need proof that something is safe before we make a change. Knowing the timeframes lets me work with folks to speed up the process a bit. 🙂

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