How Mob Grazing Works for Dairies in the Northeast

Authors of this piece are Aimee Hafla and Kathy Soder of the USDA-ARS Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit in Pennsylvania, and Mena Hautau, Cooperative Extension, Pennsylvania Stat

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One thought on “How Mob Grazing Works for Dairies in the Northeast

  1. My Mob Cell grazing system is all down to timing, entry to the pasture may be at 2600kgDM/ha with a strict exit target of 1500kgDM/ha. In May the recovery from 1500kgDM/ha might take 28 days therefore I need 28 cells, but in November through to March the recovery may vary any where from 60 days to 130 days, depending on weather, soil and pasture condition. Therefore under strict grassland grazing these days will determine the number of cells required.

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