No One Ever Talks about a Good Root Canal

If you’re gonna chew on a blade of grass or smile for the camera, it pays to have a good set of chompers. Being that teeth are such an integral part of your face, it also pays to invest in a good working relationship with a dentist.  As the saying goes; “Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.” There are certain professionals in my life (truck mechanic, cattle hauler, doctor, lawyer, accountant, stockbroker and hair stylist) that I place an inordinate amount of trust in and commitment to.  Once found, they attain my loyalty over a long time or until they retire, as my ole dentist from Waterville, Dr. Charles Guerra, DDS did. I believe in my 50 odd years I’ve only seen perhaps, 3 family dentists, which were endorsed by my parents.  I’m guessing when they found a good one they were bitten.  My earliest recollections of sitting in the dentist’s chair adjacent to the spitting-cup were of a graying or balding man with a gentle mannerism and fragrance. Apparently my brother and I responded well to the father stature until I vividly remember him dropping my tooth on the floor after a wisdom tooth extraction from uncontrollably shaking.  Time for a new dentist! I gotta say, my parents got off pretty cheap when it came to the dentist but probably made up for it with the grocery bill to feed a hard-working farm boy as I drank m

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