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Don’t Fence Me In!

tumblr_inline_mqqv8dKi5L1qz4rgpAs graziers, figuring out how to keep out livestock where we want them to be can be challenging at times.  But it’s nothing compared to what Brian Jones has to deal with in caring for Stoffel the Honey Badger.

Stoffel was rescued from a trap and sent to heal at the animal rehab center at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.  Once healthy, the badger proved to be a master escape artist, even getting mauled by lions when he got out of his own pen and in with the lions.  His ingenuity at getting out of whatever enclosure Brian and his crew put him in is amazing to see.  It will make you feel lucky that you’re only dealing with cattle, goats, and sheep.

Here’s the link for those of you reading on tablets.

Want to see more?  There’s an hour-long video about Honey Badgers and Stoffel here.


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