Will Temple Grandin’s Handling Facilities Work for You?

Editors Note:  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing excerpts from Stockmanship Journal’s article “Grandin’s Approach to Facilities and Animal Handling: An Analysis” (Volume 3 Issue 1). 

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2 thoughts on “Will Temple Grandin’s Handling Facilities Work for You?

  1. Solid sided systems really aren’t necessary except for certain situations such as processing facilities, where cattle from various backgrounds are run through quickly, often by relatively unskilled, untrained people.

    Unfortunately, most rancher/cattle producers are not trained in low-stress stockmanship skills. Most don’t want know that they don’t know what they are doing.

    I’m glad that I coughed up the money to attend a Bud Williams school, while he was still alive, and when he retired I arranged for Steve Cote to do a school, both of which have been an excellent investment. I wouldn’t want to raise cattle without the skills that I learned–and am still learning–at these schools.

  2. At one time I was impressed with the Grandin design of pens. Then after learning the Williams method in 1990 I found that design, as said here, was not that important. There are exceptions to this with gathering and holding pens, and distance to the bud box. This leads to a question in the video. Why was the long alley not filled and cattle sorted into the short alley from it instead of all the running?

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