Peak Phosphorus – Even More Important Than Peak Oil!

The 15th edition of this great book will be published in 2015 which is ALSO the International Year of Soils. (Did you know that December 5

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2 thoughts on “Peak Phosphorus – Even More Important Than Peak Oil!

  1. I remember good ol’ Dr. Skogley, my soil fertility professor, at Montana State Univ. lecturing us about peak phosphorous (back in 1995). I have heard little about it since then. Sadly, in Wisconsin, the big issue is too much phosphorous running off into waterways. It’s a problem that is increasing, not decreasing, despite decades of state and federal money to reduce runoff. The problem is getting worse thanks to federal policies supporting corn and soybeans that encourage farmers to plant more of them and rip up pastures and hay fields.

    Dr. Weil, I still have your textbook on my shelf, as it is a handy reference. Thanks for your work.

    1. Paul,

      Thanks for your supportive comment. I knew Dr. Skogley and his soil testing resin ball:) Its the P in the livestock feed that gets most farms in P trouble. A pure grazier should’t have to worry much about that.


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