Sell Your Products Without Leaving Home

David Stoltzfus, of Dutch Meadows Organics in Paradise, PA, has no Internet access, yet is carefully packing a shipper full of beef that will be picked up this week from his farm and shipped to a Virginia lady who purchased it online at Sean Graese runs shipping operations at Northstar Bison, in Northern Wisconsin, one of the most well-known and successful bison ranches and a family-run meat processing plant.  Just like Stoltzfus, he's also packing up several orders for customers. Although the Graeses have a successful online business, they also list and sell their products through Home Grown Cow – America’s first national farmers’ market that is totally free for meat, poultry and cheese producers to list, sell, and (if they wish) ship their products. Every small-scale farmer knows that while our farmers’ markets are increasingly popular, and a valuable way to reach local markets, it’s an enormous amount of work to organize, pack, unpack, transport, set up, re-pack, re-transport, and unpack unsold product for a physical farmers’ market. Not to mention the fact that there are fees to participate and many have long waiting lists.  Previously, Dutch Meadows Organic

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