How to Install an Electric Poultry Fence

When I started working with electric fence, there was no Youtube, and solar powered chargers were so new that I had to build my own fence chargers with a solar panel, a convertor, and a stand for the whole kit and caboodle. That was in “the olden days” when fencing dealers didn’t even really know how to give a novice instructions for setting up a fence. Oh – and that whole fence tester thing? What a great idea! So much better than asking a friend to touch the fence to see if it’s working!

I wish there had been videos like these to show me how to work with netting, and how to get everything set up. I would have made fewer mistakes. Even if you’re not using these particular products, the instructions will work for whatever electric netting you choose. I highly recommend rolling and unrolling the fencing as shown in the video because it will make set up and take down so much quicker and easier. Not raising chickens?  The information they share work for goat and sheep netting as well!

How to work with Netting

And the link for tablet users

Checking Fence Voltage

And the link for tablet users

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