Using the Sun to Get Your Water – Easy Installation Ideas

When life is busy, implementing something new, even a good idea, can seem pretty daunting.  It’s just hard to learn that one more skill you need.  That’s why I like these videos.  They go through the steps of learning something new in just 5 minutes. You might need to make some adaptions for your own operation.

Pumping From a Well

Even if you’re not purchasing this particular solar pump set up, here’s a great, short video showing how to install this or a similar product at your place.

Pumping From a Stream

Don’t have a well?  Here’s a system being used in Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada that can pump from streams or wells.  It’s mobile too, so you can take it with you from pasture to pasture.  One of the benefits of this kind of system is that it moves your stock away from water sources so that you can keep them clean and free from too much hoof impact.


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