Home Grown Fuel and Feed

Growing your own farm fuel is nothing new.  When John Williamson's grandfather started farming in Vermont, he did it, raising oats for the horses that pulled the plows.  Now John is growing his own fuel too, raising oilseed that he can turn into biodiesel for the equipment that he uses to grow crops.   Thanks to the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and their VermontBioenergy program, farmers are exploring these options for fueling their own farms and for providing fuel for others as well. This video shares information on what's happening in the oil seed world and gives you links to crops that you can explore on your own. In future articles we'll be sharing information on grass as fuel for those of you already growing that kind of crop. And the link for tablet users.

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  1. This is going to upset some, but I have questions. Does the $1.71 cost per gallon include: land cost, all tillage costs, chemicals, fertilizer, harvest cost, cost of processing equipment, and labor?
    Just asking.

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