Getting That Local Food Into Town

As I drive around the city, headed to farmers markets, I’ve been thinking a lot about the sudden explosion of restaurants offering ‘local’ food, raised on ‘family farms’.  It seems like everywhere I go, I see menus testifying that their food is locally raised. Sometimes, but less frequently, the name of the actual farm is listed on the menu, and the location.  As a farmer who has been selling food in the D.C. metro area for over fifteen years, these claims aren’t cause for doubt or suspicion, and most certainly not envy.  Very simply, the shear number of restaurants making this claim has me wondering: how, exactly, is all this food getting into town? Let’s break this down into basic components. To begin, the underlying premise is that, somewhere locally, this food is being grown. As a farmer, I have no problem with this assertion.  At this point on my career, I have a core network of agricultural peers to corroborate the notion that food can be grown abundantly and, in certain cases, year round, here in the mild climes of the Mid-Atlantic.  I’ll be the first to attest, it’s a wonderful place to grow food.  If farmers have the energy, creativity and -god bless them- the temerity to produce food every day of the year, it can certainly be done in some capacity in our local foodshed. So, the ‘local’ aspect doesn’t concern me at a

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One thought on “Getting That Local Food Into Town

  1. A UVM professor recently conducted energy audits on a number of Vermont farms including ours. The results have been quite interesting, some hard numbers to indicate what we were feeling intuitively. On the production end we were really efficient. However on the marketing/transportation end, we were worse than loading a semi in the Central Valley of California and driving it straight to Burlington, Vermont, which for us is only an hour drive. So this article resonates with me, especially the little diagram of “Farm to Restaurant”.

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