How To Feed 9 Billion People With Healthy Soil: 7 Simple Steps!

Last week we talked about relieving ourselves of the the burden of trying to feed 9 billion people, and focusing instead on feeding the soil. By looking at it that way we can make healthier choices for our environment. Ray Archuleta and Jeff Rasawehr described this using the terms ecological farming or biological farming. The idea is to make soil health be the goal, not production. "Farm while treating soil as a habitat," explains Ray. With improved soil health, production will increase. Not all at once, but within 3-5 years, soils that had been farmed with heavy use of chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides) will be more productive with fewer inputs, cycling nutrients more effectively, and protecting crops against pests and diseases. Here are seven, simple steps we can take to increasing production by farming for soil health instead of yields. 1. Keep the soil covered. Cover crops are a must. Only a small percentage of farmers use them, and that's a shame. Cover crops' roots provide exudates that feed microbes, and microbes keep the soil alive. Not to mention that cover crops lead to increased yields and reduced fertilizer costs.  It's a win-win, we migh

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