Catch the Soil Health Bug

I’ve succumbed to the soil health bug. How do I know? Well, on a recent kayak adventure in the Adirondacks, I laid awake at night listening to the unencumbered, deafening raindrops hit our tent and envisioned the uncovered soil getting pounded as the chocolate water carried the next generation’s livelihood off the land on which it was born. My perspective heightens as I look into the eyes of my new granddaughter, Hadley. It reaffirmed for me the importance of holding on to her soil with sod. After all our farm sign says, “Grazing takes care of our roots”. Because I helped out on Grasstravaganza 2014, I got some face-time over some barbeque with “Soil” Ray Archuleta, a nationally known sensation, orator and soil agronomist from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. His observations about the poor soil health of the greatest country on earth hit me hard. He found it unbelievable that at 53 years old he would experience a modern dust bowl. When faced with this situation back in 1930, the "Father of Soil Conservation” and director of the Soil Conservation Service, Hugh Hammond Bennett, traveled around the country wielding a sharp tongue to wake the country up to the realities of losing topsoil. He succeeded in arousing national attention where others had failed because he inspired farmers first. The soil wafting ov

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