Small Ruminant Toolbox Now Available

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) has compiled manuals, powerpoint presentations, videos and more into a "Toolbox" for small ruminant producers and educators.  It's a collection of practical, proven materials covering a wide variety of topics, including pasture and herd management, marketing, pest management, quality of life and whole-farm sustainability. This re-issue of the toolbox that was created by Linda Coffey of NCAT and a team of goat and sheep specialists now includes a 60-page Small Ruminant Sustainability Checksheet to help farmers adapt their practice to the changing realities of the marketplace and their farm.  It is the centerpiece of the toolbox, and was a critical missing piece before the project started, according to Coffey.  "Although the whole-farm planning is important for success, the topic is not typically covered in sheep and goat production workshops." Part of the Power Point presentations includes the Tennessee Master Meat Goat Producer Program, which was launched four years ago by Tennessee State University Small Ruminant Extension specialist An Peischel, to aid producers in improving production management skills and increase profi

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