Farm Hats Make the Man

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man”.  I wholeheartedly agree, however when it comes to working on the land, the farm hat is a close second to complete a jean-wearing ensemble for both men and women. Today I’m feeling remorseful because I’ve amassed too many caps to fit in my closet and have to choose which ones will go to the thrift store. These caps just didn’t fit right or looked less than flattering on me.  Going down the road is a Denver Broncos fitted cap (forgot to check size) big enough for Frankenstein, a cap from my former workplace and several with funky crowns or misshapen brims. I can now relate to ladies getting rid of too many shoes.  Can you really have too many hats or shoes? I’ve had a love affair with baseball style caps since I was a small boy.  I inherited this from my grandfather and friends, as my father didn’t like wearing them and covering up his James Dean locks.  For years folks have been telling me that hats retard hair growth but I argue they protect the scalp from the elements and grease fittings.  Not sure who wins this argument. Suffice it to say, philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis was right when he wrote, “It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a head, you must wear the right sort of hat.”  I tried wearing other styles of caps and even a cowboy hat but my head shape or ears just couldn’t cut the mustard in them.  To make matters worse, when I don’t wear a hat, people don’t even recognize me.  I s

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3 thoughts on “Farm Hats Make the Man

  1. Years ago after seeing a bumper sticker – NO FARMS NO FOOD- I had a friend who does stitching with a computer machine make me a hat with those words on it and over the years I have had them made and were sold in some local food coop’s and this year he made me one -NO FARMers NO FOOD- and I always have the letters done with bright colors. I always figured instead of advertising for some company I’d do it for what I love.

  2. Troy,
    Love the shirt! And the button in the last picture, too! This past winter, I ended up with five purple hats arriving here. Hats are pretty awesome! One of my favorites now is a Canadiens hat. Go, Habs!

  3. Troy, the blinders will keep people from seeing the whole off an operation so I hope it doesn’t catch on. Other than that it will be a conversation piece at the bar during your next workshop! Keep us cowboys wondering.

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