Farm Hats Make the Man

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man”.  I wholeheartedly agree, however when it comes to working on the land, the farm hat is a close second to complete a jean-wearing ensemble for both men and

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3 thoughts on “Farm Hats Make the Man

  1. Years ago after seeing a bumper sticker – NO FARMS NO FOOD- I had a friend who does stitching with a computer machine make me a hat with those words on it and over the years I have had them made and were sold in some local food coop’s and this year he made me one -NO FARMers NO FOOD- and I always have the letters done with bright colors. I always figured instead of advertising for some company I’d do it for what I love.

  2. Troy,
    Love the shirt! And the button in the last picture, too! This past winter, I ended up with five purple hats arriving here. Hats are pretty awesome! One of my favorites now is a Canadiens hat. Go, Habs!

  3. Troy, the blinders will keep people from seeing the whole off an operation so I hope it doesn’t catch on. Other than that it will be a conversation piece at the bar during your next workshop! Keep us cowboys wondering.

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