One thought on “Breeding a Cow Herd to Fit Your Place

  1. We have Black Angus selected to function year around on pasture in which endophyte + Tall Fescue abounds, and we’re in hot, humid SE Pa , about same latitude as MO. On advice of Jim Gerrish about 20 yrs ago, we started to select replacements, each sex, only from animals that appeared best adapted to our environment. It goes without saying that not many succeeded as fertile breeders for more than 5-6 yrs, but some did.
    Faced with such challenges and the trending hotter summers, I came to the same conclusion as Steve Freeman and started to cross our more adapted Black Angus with South Poll, using semen from Bent-Tree. The oldest X-bred heifers are only long 2 yr.olds and last summer was too cool to provide a real test, but they all conceived and avoided the pink-eye that ran thru their Angus contemporaries. They grew equally and have the expected slicker coats. A year from now we’ll have a better fix on this strategy.

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