Intelligent Groups Make Innovations Easier

If you are serious about making changes in your operation or are still in the incubating phase, get involved with others of a like mind. There is no better way to get the juices flowing and stimulate the mind. Several people are much more intelligent than one when it comes to developing new thought or revamping the mind to accept something initially foreign. Our combined information and thoughts were synergistic. After a member stated an opinion or experience, others would add something. Each person fed on another, thus picking up energy to carry the discussion forward. It is nothing short of amazing what can be accomplished with several people working on a problem. Each person brought something new to the discussion. No two people have the very same thoughts. No two people look at a problem in the same way. No two people had the same experiences. No two people grew up in the same situation, and the list goes on. This evolved into a powerful philosophy and direction that would have been difficult for any one person to formulate, as we had such a large base of knowledge and practical experience to work from. This combination of different thoughts coming from several directions, being hashed out and clarified by lo

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