Celebrate Soils From Dung Beetles to Blueberry Pancakes: Now With Stickers!

Scientific American recently ran an interesting article about the possibility that other planets out there may be “better” than Earth for supporting life. That may be true, but our planet has plenty that should make us proud earthlings. Top among these points of pride is Earth’s fantastic soils, teeming with life and supporting an abundance of terrestrial creatures (including ourselves). This isn’t a competition between Earth and other yet-to-be-discovered planets, but let me just ask: Do other planets have dung beetles? (As an astronomical sidenote, did you know dung beetles navigate by using the Milky Way?) Do other planets have blueberry pancakes?   Without soil, there would be no blueberry pancakes.  Or trees.  Or rice. Or really anything. Soil is the foundation of life on this planet.  It’s a year to be soil proselytizers If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you don’t need to be convinced, which is why I’ve done such a poor job of really explaining how important soil is. You and I may celebrate soil on a regular basis, but many people (a) don’t know how important soils are (b) don’t know how our actions impact soils and their ability to support life. This is why the UN General Assembly has declared that 2015 is the International Year of Soils. It’s time to increase knowledge of, appreciation for, and understanding of soils among all earthlings. To celebrate this momentous year, the So

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