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Why Don’t We Drink Pig Milk?


And why don’t we eat pork milk cheese, yogurt or butter?  Here’s the question AND the answer. 🙂



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J.B. Higley
J.B. began sending us funnies for On Pasture shortly after we started publishing. We thought that you'd enjoy these offerings too. J.B. is a stalwart supporter of the marriage between humor and farming from years of breakfasts eaten while reading the funnies. Weaned on "Bloom County," "The Far Side," Calvin and Hobbes," Cul de Sac" and "Bizarro" with a variety of meats, eggs, dairy, wheat and oat products.


  1. In woodworking there,s such a thing as a vacuum table which holds work in place. There could be a device which a pig walks over and the suction table with multiple nipple cups rises to create suction simultaneously and Zowie! 15 seconds later pig milk has been extracted and Babe moves on to make room for the next one!

  2. The Chinese were recorded milking pigs successfully in the 19th century. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  3. Next cocktail party, I will serve the favorite fig, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon
    baked on a cookie sheet. All that goodness in one small bite!

  4. So….. informative yes, but it appears the Pork Quality Assurance Intern needs a Spelling Quality Assurance Intern.

    • The letter was obviously scanned with an OCR device which is responsible for the funny spellings and errors, not the writer!

  5. Um…leaner pork yet he thinks the milk will be delicious because it is higher in fat than cow milk….hum…

    That is why we raise Berks…tasty with healthy fat!!!!

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