Where Are We Headed?

We live in a fast paced world. I remember quite well having to read published research “papers,” magazine articles, and books to learn about the latest innovations. There was no internet, email, smart phones, or electronic information sources except local television and radio. My mother often spoke about time going faster as she got older. I think the addition of electronics has accelerated it even faster while at the same time making the world smaller and somehow warping the measure of time itself. Those statements are sounding a bit deep for an article on grazing…but hopefully they will help promote pondering for a moment the question, “Are we making an impact?” It seems not so long ago, during post-harvest to early spring, there was time where things slowed down a bit, and there was time for some deep cleaning of files and drawers, enjoying a little down time, actually enjoying time reading, and planning for the upcoming season. I now find myself scrambling and searching for that time with it quite often being accomplished at the cost of some sleep.  Nevertheless, I would encourage you to stop and think for a moment about changes that have been made to your operation. What has improved from decade to decade?

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