What Forages Are You Going to Add This Year? Picking Jeff’s brain!

Whether you have pastures or you plant and graze cover crops, diversity is king. Cover crops are just like annual pasture. They make a great opportunity to improve soil health and to try out some new and interesting forages. Farmers and ranchers in Maine and Northern Idaho have been mulling over what to plant for graze-worthy cover crops, and what to add to pastures. We talked to Jeff Rasawehr of Center Seeds for some suggestions. He's been planting and grazing his own cover crops for years now, and he has examples of successes and failures that we can all learn from no matter where we live and work. Jeff pondered the cover crop question thinking the farmers would be grazing beef cattle in both regions, but his suggestions might be useful for herds of different sorts. Given that Northern Idaho and Maine are both similar in temperature, but not in moisture, there are some differences in the ideas he's got for each spot. The first thing Jeff said is "Diversification is the currency of adaptation. It gives you the ability to adjust to varying environmental circumstances." His ideal mix is truly a mix. He makes a veritable stew of seeds for planting. Minus the biscuits and gravy. Planting Cover Crops Spring cover crop planting would be pretty tough, especially in Idaho, given the dry conditions. He'd go with a mix of oats and peas in both Maine and Idaho, because they are both so beneficial to soil health [check out this previous article on PEAS]. The two don't a

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