Winter Check-up Time for Your Cows and Grass

Editors Note: In some parts of the U.S. snow totals are well above normal and graziers are feeding their stock. Meanwhile, other parts of the country are having an open winter, and grass is still growing and cows are still grazing. So here's an update from Jim for that part of the country. And even if you're feeding your stock, there are some good pointers for body score condition, and where your cows and heifers ought to be as they enter calving and breeding season. Here we are, about halfway through Winter, so it is a good time to assess both livestock and forage conditions. Hopefully you have been monitoring both on an ongoing basis, but we might want to take a closer look as we start looking forward to Spring. My expectation would be the cows are still grazing stockpiled pasture with some protein supplementation and growing stock are utilizing winter annual pastures by this time.  If you have fall-calving cows with calves at side right now, how is their body condition holding up? Ideally, we would like to see those cows still carrying a BCS of 5, but if they have slipped down into the mid-to-high 4 range it’s no big deal since the cows should all be bred and Spring is in

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    1. Logan, I don’t have any particular lab to recommend. Whatever commercial or state lab that does feed or forage analysis in your area should be fine.

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