Maine Legislature Pays Tribute to Soils – Get Your State To Do the Same!

Two weeks ago, I wrote about approaching the Maine legislature with the idea to recognize soils in 2015, the International Year of Soils (IYS). I’m happy to report that our resolution was adopted on March 12. (Read full text of HP-584). Going to the State House for its presentation was a civics lesson for me. If you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if my state paid tribute to soils,” but you’re feeling unsure of your civics knowledge or wary of entering into the political realm, I hope these thoughts will change your mind.   Why Now? Michael Harman of West Virginia Extension is working on a legislative action in his state and said to me “The International Year of Soils is the best opportunity we’ve had to raise awareness about soils since the Dust Bowl.” Word. How can I team up with other soil enthusiasts? Reach out to friends and groups you think might be interested. I had never met anyone in the Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) before I reached out to th

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