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Fencing Help For You!

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My poor backpack has never been used for an actual backpacking trip….it's only gone on fencing trips.

My poor backpack has never been used for an actual backpacking trip….it’s only gone on fencing trips.

I’ve built a lot of fences in the last 15 years and even though I know that fences are important for my livestock, my forage, and my bottom line, I don’t enjoy them so much. I built 5-strand poly-wire fences for research plots for goats grazing brush, and goat netting fences for a herd of 130 goats and some backyard pets. One summer I built 3 miles of 2-strand polywire fence in a pasture where I wasn’t allowed to drive a vehicle.  I loaded up a backpack and walked the line where the fence would go, dropping off supplies along the way, and then picked up fence posts at the end and started building as I walked back to the starting point. That was my least favorite fence project of all time.

I don’t feel like all this fence building has made me an expert in fencing. I’ve learned a lot about what I like and don’t like in fencing supplies. I’ve learned that there’s no substitute for a bunch of ground rods and a really great charger, and that having a fence tester is better than touching the fence to see if it’s working. And mostly I’ve learned that it’s important to start with materials that meet your needs, and to have folks you can call for advice and instructions.

You may already have your supplier, but if you don’t, or if you’re looking for some fencing alternatives that might make your life easier, why not check out these folks who are helping bring On Pasture to you:

Valley Farm Supply is our Latest Underwriter

YellowCEFadJ.C. Remsberg of Valley Farm Supply started working with On Pasture a few months ago, advertising his Cyclops Fence Chargers and Gallagher fencing supplies. J.C. has been a big On Pasture supporter, even offering to spread the word about On Pasture and distribute our bumper stickers when he attends conferences. Now he’s become an On Pasture underwriter.  It seems like a perfect fit. Our readers need fencing supplies and Valley Farm Supply has them. Help us thank them for their support by checking out their chargers or their Gallagher supplies. And tell him On Pasture sent you!

No-Step Posts

Kelly Putting Up Fence

Click on over to learn more.

Given my fencing background, you can see why I’d be tickled with this idea from Kelly Troester of Marsland, Nebraska. Using his posts you can cut your fence building time in half. They’re strong enough to push in to the ground easily, or to be pounded into hard or frozen ground. Without a step, they don’t get tangled up as you carry them, and Kelly even offers a quiver you can carry them in to make your fence a one step process. Kelly took us up on our offer of a free classified ad, and in return, a portion of the proceeds from his no-step post sales will go to support On Pasture. Check out the ad here. 

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