Take Stock of Your Pastures Now to Adjust Your Grazing Plan

Spring is finally here. Even though some days lately haven’t really seemed too spring like there’s no stopping it now. If you haven’t already, it is a good time to get out and walk or take the ATV and assess the conditions of each paddock so you can start planning out the year. I generally take a few notes, or at least mental notes, of what could or should be grazed first. Several years ago I took a white board, one that uses erasable markers, and created a layout of all my pastures with some thin black tape. Using markers, I can track enter and exit periods and rest on this board and also mark any production information I need to note. If being strip grazed, an arrow indicates the direction of movement and timeframes. I try to remember to take a picture of the board for future reference before erasing too much. It is good reference data that helps me understand sometimes why something is looking or reacting the way it does. I was looking at some paddocks back in late March. One small area certainly appeared to have greened up a little quicker than areas around. At closer inspection it was nice and green, but the green was coming dominantly from a surge of white clover and some struggling orchardgrass and tall fescue. Ground cover was not at all whe

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2 thoughts on “Take Stock of Your Pastures Now to Adjust Your Grazing Plan

  1. Thank you for the information on what we should be grazing this time of year. Now hopefully my leftover stockpile will make it a few more weeks.

  2. This week we’re starting to see the first glimpses of soil out from under the snow! It’ll be a while before the forages start to grow.

    East Montpelier VT

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