Cows Gain More Weight on Steamed Veggies Than Raw Veggies!

That was the conclusion of a study done in 1844 as reported in the “Book of the Farm”.  Today, many people would laugh at the idea of steaming potatoes, turnips and beans and seasoning it with salt in order to get a few more pounds of gain out of our animals, and I’m not recommending that we go there.  I simply bring it up to give you an idea of what we used to think cows eat in comparison to what we think they eat today.  It points out how flexible our livestock and their diets can be, and also, how inflexible we can be when we think about what they can eat. Today we call ourselves “grass farmers” and we focus on eliminating weeds so that our livestock, particularly our cattle, have what we consider to be the best diet for them.  But it turns out that grass isn’t necessarily best for putting weight on our cattle, and many plants we call weeds can actually provide more nutrition and faster weight gain.  Our ideas of what cows eat are actually making our lives harder, not better. Ever since I began training cows to eat

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5 thoughts on “Cows Gain More Weight on Steamed Veggies Than Raw Veggies!

  1. Keep up the good work, Kathy. It makes perfect sense to me to let the cows do the work of weed control for you. You have more forage available for your cows to eat and you don’t have to use toxic chemicals. Sounds like a win, win to me!

  2. Kathy- Your work HAS opened eyes ! I purchased a farm that had been fallow since 1980. I was spending a lot of time cutting Autumn Olive and Honey Suckle, fretting about how they were taking over…I put the cattle in and wouldn’t you know it they ate the leaves in the spring and started killing it with out any effort from me 🙂 I look at “weeds” as alternative forage !

    1. THANK YOU SCOTT!!! I am so glad you have a great forage in your pasture! And I’m so glad that I could help in some small way. I really needed to hear this. 🙂

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