Want to Get Rid of a Plant By Grazing It? Here’s What You Need to Think About

Understanding how a plant grows through the grazing season is the key to figuring out when grazing it will make the most impact. The problem is that you have lots of different plants in your pasture, and so you also have to think about the ones that you'd like to have more of, and which ones you'd like fewer of. In addition, you also have to know whether your animals know that a particular plant is edible, and then factor in that they will be choosing what to eat based on how the plant meets its nutritional needs. It's a balancing act, and as with all balancing acts it takes time and practice to be successful. To get you started, here are some of the grazing and growing balance points to keep in mind. Spring Grazing Most plants tolerate early-season grazing because that's when soil moisture and nutrients are most abundant. They get grazed down, no problem! Their roots dig in a little, suck up what they need to grow and, TA DA!, new leaves! Growing new leaves is also easier because plants are still short in the spring so their growing tips (apical meristems) are close to the ground and are unlikely to be bitten off. Plants that you'll be able to control with spring grazing are those that have a short lifecycle

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