The Grass is Growing! And You Can Help!

Grass is growing. The grass is really growing! I get a little impatient sometimes waiting for spring to get here; then once it is here the speed of life goes into full throttle and the grass in the yard suddenly requires twice the normal attention. I’m not going to complain about the extra mowing, I’m just glad it is green and growing. The pastures are also growing at record speed which requires a bit more of our attention to keep under control. For the most part, most cool season grasses in this part of the country have a huge growth spurt in the spring. This growth spurt can account for roughly two-thirds of the season growth by mid-June. The grass plant wants to mature and produce seed. When this happens it is influenced by several things. The particular species itself makes a difference. Different cool season species produce seed in slightly different timeframes and quite a bit different than warm season species, such as big bluestem or indiangrass, which both mature late in the season. The variety of the species also influences the time of seed production. Traditional hay varieties of orchardgrass will mature very early and have a heavy first cutting and slightly newer late-maturing varieties of orchardgrass are easier to keep in vegetative stages longer and are better for grazing. They are also better hay quality if used that way. Hig

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