Taste Bud

There are occasions within agriculture where you get to try new things. You may be thinking that I got to run some new piece of equipment or experience an innovative technique which could make life a bit easier and more profitable. While I wouldn’t scoff at either option, the truth of the matter is that in farming, nothing compares to the stimulation of one’s taste-buds. American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Love of beauty is taste and the creation of beauty is art.” When I saw Jean O’Toole from the New York Beef Industry Council cooking a grill-full of strip steaks at Drover Hill Farm for the 2015 "Meat Your Beef" Tour, I got what ole Ralph was saying despite my carnivorous nature. Jean was grilling these delectable protein treats as part of a blind taste test for 25 of us who participated in a farm tour of how your beef is raised for folks like retail food service distributors, restaurants owners, chefs, culinary instructors, dietitians and even the grazing guy. She took care to perfectly cook the meat to a medium-rare finish and was silent as to the origin of the cuts. I knew this was going to be great but what I didn’t realize is how my palate and mind would react to the eating experience. Knowing the neutral nature of the council and the finishing regimes of beef, I surmised I would be scoring grain and grass-finished beef as well as my clients, Wil

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